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Business Presentation Skills - Presentation Skills Modules 

Business Presentation Skills Modules

 Defining Presentation: The simple guidelines to ensure your message will get across.

 External Dynamics: Understand what can influence the success of a presentation that is outside your sphere of influence and how to use that to your advantage.

 Why Do We Fear Presenting: A detailed look at the fear of communicating in public. What goes on in the subconscious, distinguishing real and imagined fears and how to use it to your advantage.

 Breaking The Cycle Of Fear: Learn three powerful exercises to harness the power of fear. Not losing it, using it to make dynamic and confident presentations.

 Knowing Your Audience: Know the key factors that make presentations appropriate to any audience. Learn to assess an audience so as to tailor a presentation accurately for maximum affect.

 Notes: How to prepare them and how to use them. One of the easiest ways to make sure you keep your message on track regardless of the pressure.

 Proving Your Point: Easy to use techniques to get your audience interested and to retain that interest while you prove your case. Ensure the audience listens through the powerful use of word pictures. This is the difference between boring and riveting presentations.

 Structure Fundamentals: How to incorporate the essentials of speech and presentation format so the audience receives your message and remembers it. Ensuring that the audience senses, ‘What’s in it for me?’

 Advanced Structure: Build a dynamic presentation around a professional structure that will maximize the effectiveness of the material. Learn which points to cover and which ones to leave out, and most importantly how to put it all together.

 Creative Thinking Tools: Apply the fundamentals of the greatest asset to making dynamic presentations, a person’s creativity. Note taking and note making using radiant thinking, the way the brain thinks and works regardless as to whether the person is left or right brain dominant.

 Bad Habits: Know what makes some habits irritating to the audience and what can be done to make sure that you don’t create any. Learn the difference between what is natural and what is nauseous.

 Voice Variation: Create empathy, rapport and sincerity using the three elements of successful vocal delivery. Never be monotone, reduce ‘ums’ and ‘errs’ and learn to pause!

 Body Language: Learn how to use the body as a speaking asset, the greatest asset. Use eye contact to control an audience. Use appropriate gestures that paint pictures for the audience. Stop fiddling and fidgeting, look sharp.

 Using Equipment & Visual Aids: A look at the basics of incorporating visual aids and technology into presentations. Everything from PowerPoint to handouts.

 Data Video Slide Shows: Learn how to build and deliver information using state of the art technology. Stay in control and use the many advantages offered through this powerful medium.

 Question & Answer Sessions: Learn how to turn the hardest part of presenting into an advantage. Know in advance the questions people will ask… and make sure they ask them.

 Impromptu Speaking: One of the greatest confidence builders ever… to be able to speak off the cuff. Learn how to make this seemingly hard skill one of the simplest. Never be caught short for a word again.

 Feedback: Learn how to give and to get feedback whenever you present. A fantastic tool to use in any situation where people are involved, at home, in business or social life.

There are a multitude of additional modules including advanced versions of those mentioned. In addition there are modules covering Meet and Greet situations, Remembering Names, Handshakes, Conversational Skills and a host of others that allow your team to be Confident and Competent whenever they represent your organisation.

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